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For Addison/Alex fans, anything concerning the pairing

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Welcome to the community dedicated to the ship Addison/Alex, from the popular ABC show Grey‘s Anatomy. For all your shipper needs & to get your Addex fix.
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Fanfiction, fanart, discussion, shippers--anything & everything relating to Addisex.
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Plagiarism, pimping without permission, stuff completely and totally unrelated to Addison and/or Alex.
The Addison♀/♂Alex Story +
Addison & Alex were a short-lived pair on the popular show Grey's Anatomy. When we first met Addison, she had arrived at SGH to win back her husband, Dr. Derek Shepherd. Although fans first were weary, people came to like the Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery. Strong, confident, talented, and beautiful, she garnered the nicknames Satan and McHot. She had a brief affair with Dr. Mark Sloan, her marraige broke apart due in part to that, and eventually she grew interested in Dr. Alex Karev, a cocky, but insightful intern.

Dr. Alex Karev is known for his womanizing ways, but it only takes time and patience to learn he can be sweet and vastly intelligent. The closest thing resembling a relationship he has had on the show was with Dr. Isobel 'Izzie' Stevens. Although he was visibly trying to win her back by the time Addison was his assigned attending, he quickly became interested in the fiery redhead. Through many surgeries and patients (and very cute babies), he and Addison came to know and understand each other.

The two never carried an actual relationship (we can thank Ava for that--J/K), but the sweetheart Alex was with Addison, and the chemistry so ardently felt left viewers with the sense that the two felt for each other more than they let on. Through a vanilla latte, an "I'd notice," eye-sex, a kiss, and an actual sex session, shippers were made out of Addison and Alex. For us Addex shippers, the possibility of a relationship will always be there. Addison may be in LA, and Alex may have a girlfriend (or two), but The Land of Denial will always be here for them, and for us.
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